You know how over the past couple years we have started to see reboot after reboot of old classics? We’ve had Fallout, Deus Ex, Syndicate, SSX, and even other classics such as Golden Axe and NBA Jam. Some of them worked out great and others just fell flat.

Why have we not seen a reboot of one of the greatest racing games of all time?!?!

I am talking about Road Rash!

The game had everything you would want out of a fun arcade racing game. There was a diverse set of tracks, a number of distinct bikes, huge air, vicious crashes, crazy speeds and close calls, FMV cops, and let’s not forget the ability to not only bash your opponents with a baseball bat, but the ability to take the bat out of their hands and use it against them. The game was just FUN to play solo or with a friend, and was even FUN just watching others play.

The games for the most part received great reviews at the time, with the 3DO version earning “Best Driving Game” from Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1994. This is a great time to mention that if….no..when a reboot happens that it follows along a similar path of Road Rash for the 3DO. I was a long time fan of the series with the first two iterations on the Sega Genesis and Sega CD, but it was the 3DO version that still has a place in my heart.

So what I would like to see in the reboot is the following:

  • All the classic tracks redone in stunning HD.

  • Huge air throughout the course, and hidden super air just off road besides the main road.
  • Allow the bikes to go off the main road for just a bit, but not too much. (Keep it the same basically as the previous versions)
  • Lots of fun stuff to jump over and run into when a bike goes off road.
  • Track editor so that fans can create and share new tracks with each other.
  • Tons of Bikes with unique characteristics and upgradeable.
  • 15-20 Opponents with their own distinct racing style and that will remember how you treat them during the race. (Treat them bad and they will seek revenge)
  • Bring back FMV showing some crazy cops busting you.

  • Weapons…Lots and Lots of Weapons
  • Gut wrenching wrecks
  • Keep the tradition of having to walk / run back to your bike after each crash. (I used to love running over competitors who had crashed and were running back to their bikes)
  • Online Racing
  • Ghost Racing (download your friends top times and still play offline)
  • Campaign that lasts 8-10 hours.
  • Fun race intros, character bios, and race finishes.

So yeah, what I want to have happen probably won’t, but I can dream can’t I.

What do you guys think?

Disclaimer: This article is one I wrote many years ago for one of my old websites that no longer exists. Sadly though we still have not received a new Road Rash.